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Services Examples

A key component of delivering successful work to a client is drawing upon prior experiences to leverage learnings in order to deliver solutions that are time and cost effective.   Although this may sound like the "lessons learned" of EPC companies, a major drawback is that those "lessons learned" seem to always require re-learning from scratch; corporate learning is elusive but personal experience "sticks".   Experience has shown improvement impacts of 3:1; i.e., execution of subsequent similar projects demonstrate problem / project execution in 1/4 to 1/3 the time and expense compared to the first time.   Of course, major EPC firms seem to execute projects as though it were the first time, every time.   Accurate and timely engineering-based assessments are critical when in-service problems arise and are essential for plant safety and reliability.

API Fitness for Service Evaluations (FFS) & Failure Analysis

•   DCU coke drum bulge assessment, remaining life; identify and define thermomechanical failure mechanism

•   DCU coke drum skirt; identified detailed design deficiencies of keyhole and weld seams leading to cracking failure

•   DCU blowdown header multiple failures; identified design issues of thermomechanical, transient loadings

•   DCU blowdown header; large dent in NPS 36 header due to waterhammer event, determined safe operating window (SOW) for continued operation

•   exchanger overpressure plastic deformation damage; determined safe operating life for continued operation after unit was overpressured

•   crevice corrosion in N10276 acid column flanges in glacial acetic service; identified SOW for continued operation

•   preferential corrosion of circ welds in CO2 absorber; general gouging

•   lamination & crack-like flaw assessment in chemical plant propylene storage sphere

•   SOHIC / HIC assessment in refinery amine scrubber vessels

•   ASME VIII D2 design & service fatigue assessment in ammonia unit vessels

•   nozzle cracking & LML in cyclically loaded nickel leachate reactors

•   pressure & thermal transient analysis of pipelines, facility piping

•   API 650 storage tank assessments; floor & shell distortions, GML, LML

•   and more . . .

Design Reviews, Regulatory Submissions, Rerates & Alterations

•   consult on design registration of large diameter "Y" piping component

•   cold eyes review of FCCU regen replacement grid & refractory lining design

•   review alterations to hot lime softeners in upstream CSS oil recovery plant

•   Div 2 & API 6A / 6X review of 15,000 psi high pressure test equipment device

•   re-rate of coker unit fired heater

•   registration assistance for compressor inlet van assembly for polyethylene plant

•   MAWP, throughput capacity upgrade determinations for OTSG, HRSG equipment in upstream service

•   Division 2 design of PSA, dehydrator vessels for offshore platforms

•   fatigue compatible construction upgrade for replacement jacketed reactor vessels

•   pressure equipment specification development for oil sands projects

•   NPQC / engineering quality auditing of new, replacement plant facilities

•   registration of all pressure equipment for an entire imported oil processing facility

•   and more . . .

Project & Maintenance Engineering

There have been a number of projects executed by our office that are memorable. These are one-of-a-kind efforts in heavy vessel revamp work in FCC and DCU units. The vessels in these units are large (10000 mm diameter x 40000 mm in height), heavy (800 tonnes) and have critical design issues such as high temperature operation (700 C) that requires attention in detail at project identification, design & engineering, procurement, shipping, and construction stages;

•   multiple FCCU reactor & regenerator replacements, single lift (big steel) execution

•   multiple fluid coker scrubber, reactor revamps, single lift execution

•   design / construction / startup of industry largest CO2 fired heater

•   refinery relocation & rebuild, regulatory design registration

•   stability / integrity / risk assessment for in-place PWHT, hydrotesting of large equipment

•   and more . . .

Maintenance & Plant Operational Support

Heavy industrial processing facilities such as refineries, petrochemical, oil sands and power generation plants require experienced engineering support for routine operations, shutdown and emergency situations;

•   investigate & resolve SGU burner flame impingement issues

•   CFD & experimental modeling of fired heater flue gas flows

•   heat transfer duty determinations in SGU, OTSG, HRSG, heat exchanger equipment

•   evaluate structural integrity post transient events in process piping

•   failure cause and remediation of equipment refractory systems

•   training of plant personnel in Code, FFS, API 650, API 936

•   and more . . .

John Aumuller, P. Eng., Ph. D.